Thursday, September 17, 2009

We spent the past two weekends on the island enjoying the last warm days up there. We had my sisters and their families one weekend and Nani the next. Both weekends were equally gorgeous. George and I took Magnolia out in the canoe for the first time all summer. This is photo of Nani on the canoe. It was so so serene, it made us wish we had done it sooner. We stopped at the local kite store and picked out some kites to fly. It was so much fun and Magnolia loved flying her own ...see videos below!

Magnolia down on our shore as the sun was setting. George and George on School House Beach skipping rocks.
George & Magnolia on the Ferry on Labor Day.
Magnolia & Sophia taking a bath together outside.
Cousins Ellie, Magnolia, & Lilah
Cousins Lily, Lilah, & Magnolia having lunch at the snack bar.
Endless fun scooping water.
Cousins Magnolia & Sophia.

Magnolia's first time paddling a canoe!
Magnolia flying her new kite. She's saying "side to side, side to side." It's from Nia Hao Kai Lan, her favorite dvd. :)

These days were the perfect way to end a wonderful summer!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm loving this 5 month age! He's starting solids. We should have started them sooner. It seems like I can't feed him enough! He's one big roly poly delight whose smile lights up the room every time he sees me and melts my heart every time. Happy 5 months, baby George! xoxo