Wednesday, October 20, 2010


 We were in St. Louis for almost a week.  When we came home we found our yard completely covered in leaves.  It was like seeing winter's first snowfall for us!  The kids were besides themselves with excitement.  I stepped out of the car, went straight to the garage, got a rake, and quickly made a huge pile to jump in.  We left it like that for a week.  I just couldn't bear to rake them up.  This was the first time the kids had seen so many leaves in one place.  I even caught Big George jumping in!  Now they're all in the street ready to be picked up but we still have two huge maples on our side yard that haven't dropped yet.  :)  Oh Happy Fall!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

18 Months

 What a big boy you are George!  You are 18 months this week! 
You won't say much more than ball, bus, car, and truck but today we had a very nice little conversation. We were playing outside when a plane went by overhead.  You stopped playing, looked at me, and did the sign for airplane.   I told you that I heard it too and did the sign for airplane.  You then pointed to the sleeve of your shirt and I knew you were telling me that you have pajamas that have airplanes on them.  It was so nice to have that little chat with you!
 It turns out that we have a lot of trucks and fire engines that go down our side street.  If I didn't have you, George, I wouldn't know how exciting that is!  You have made me very excited about dump trucks, cement mixers, cranes, jack hammers, city buses, school buses, motorcycles, big trucks, and fire engines.  I always say thank you to the road workers when we are stuck in traffic as they will capture your attention endlessly.
 I love when you run, you hunch your shoulders up high and pump those arms to gain momentum.  You just started to jump this week.  Your feet still haven't gotten off the ground but you keep trying.
 You like to eat just like I do, bread and fruit, never much meat but a fierce sweet tooth.  You are a real monster when you wake up, it takes you a long time to adjust.  We most always take a long walk in the stroller so you can wake up slowly.   Your Aunt Emily knit this gorgeous wool sweater for you.  She had to redo the neckline countless times so we could be sure we could pull it over your incredibly large head.  :)
 You love your rocket car.  You like to pull the front wheels up off the ground and slam them back down.  You don't see me smile, but I do.  Every time.
 You are so much fun.  I just adore you.  I love seeing life through your eyes.
 I can't say you are the most active child I've ever seen.  I won't complain.  You never stray far from me. Here you are taking a rest and let me tell you, you hadn't gone far.  I love how you are resting your foot on the tire.
 We took you apple picking for the first time.  You did great and even helped pick some apples sitting on daddy's shoulders.  Mostly though, you just picked up the apples on the ground and chucked them.  
 You may be growing up fast but I still see those fat dimples on your hands!
You really are something else.  I always knew it would be fun to have a boy but it's SO much more fun than I ever dreamed it would be!  Happy 18 months!

::: Thank you everyone for your kind words on the loss of my dear cousin, Kate.  She is greatly missed.