Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summer!!!

We are having so much fun with seemingly endless things to do and explore here.  Every day is something new.  Lots of picnics and discovering new parks.  Lots of walks and evening excursions.  This past weekend our town had an outdoor concert on our main street.  We had a blast and so did the kids dancing in front of the stage.  The best part was our short walk home afterwards.  We love it here!

Summer is still in full swing as kids don't return to school until Sept. 1 and Magnolia until Sept. 13 so we still have a lot more summer to enjoy.  This week George took off of work and we're treating it like a real vacation with lots of fun stuff planned.  We are, however, adding in home projects during naptime which is nice.  :) It's a good feeling to get some things done around here!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quick Recap

I guess it's taking me longer to transition than I thought!  I haven't been taking any photographs and what  I do shoot isn't very good.  Here's a quick recap of the happenings around here.  On August 6th we celebrated Family Day.  It has been three years since we first held Magnolia yet the memory is so vivid and so wonderful I know that it will stay like that my whole life.  I love to remember that day and she likes to tell the story of what  happened.  Here she is with the umbrella she received on Family Day.  It's one of many gifts we bought for her in China to be saved and given to her every year on that day.  

Meanwhile George got his first real haircut.  I wasn't really ready but realized that I can't hold on to his baby curls forever.  It was a chronic bird's nest in the back so it was time.  Besides he looks awfully cute with his big boy hair!
Last weekend we were finally able to make headway in the house.  Both kid rooms are done!  I'll post pics soon!  

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Oh my my.  Where have I been?  My camera has been buried and we've been so busy.  Busy enjoying our new house and summer.   Our house is hardly done.  The only time for the house is nap time and that's been touch and go lately.   The living room and dining room are nearly bare and ready for some new furniture and decorating.  We're trying to live with it until we get the outside work done.   All of these projects seem so easy on paper but then you throw in two little kids and it seems it will take years to complete anything.   The mini face lift on the front of the house is almost done but I'm having a hard time finding a light fixture I like.  I should be able to show the before and afters of that soon.  Our house is yet another corner lot (make that 3 for us now!) so we want to completely privatize our yard with evergreens.  We're hoping to get that project done by summers' end so we have that extra growing season.  In the meantime we're doing a lot of furniture rearranging and talking about how to furnish the inside.   This is the only shot I've taken recently.  Magnolia beautifully shucked the corn for me at dinner time and George, well he had a fit because he wanted to eat it raw.

These two continue to keep me so busy.  We go to the parks a lot.  We explore and find new places to go for lunch.  We take long walks everyday.  We blow bubbles and eat popsicles on our sidewalk.  Magnolia is enrolled in preschool.  We found new doctors.  We're making friends.  We're getting signed up for classes this fall.  We are really enjoying our new surroundings.

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!

P.S.  You get a glimpse of our seriously outdated kitchen...our biggest project!