Monday, April 26, 2010

  • Lots of house showings.  Great feedback.  Two different buyers really love it.  Still no offers. This is exhausting.  
  • The house I was in love with in Milwaukee sold.  We tried to buy it but had to place a contingency and they couldn't accept it.  I'm still trying to get over it.
  • Since George's first round of antibiotics he's had a stomach bug and now a virus with pink eye.  On top of that, his molars are coming in.  Poor thing has been miserable for two weeks now.
  • Last December the island had one of the worst wind storms it's had in a long time.   Many of our trees came down including one big tree branch which pierced a hole in our roof.  Inside water damaged our couch.  Outside our deck table was smashed to pieces and the gutters ripped off.  Thank goodness for insurance.  We went up to the island this weekend to pick out roof shingles for a new roof.  We were due for one anyway.
  • George took off walking recently.  It's been fun to watch him go!
  • Magnolia is learning to button.  She has mastered her tricycle.  She continues to learn to read.   She asks to listen to jazz in the car and has an amazing ability to call out the instruments that are being played.   I'm attempting to grow out her hair for the 100th time.  I just need to get past this awkward stage.   I think she's going to look so cute with braids!
    • We are loving this gorgeous Wisconsin spring.  I never knew they existed here!  On this day      Magnolia and George almost ate an entire pineapple.  It was a perfect warm spring afternoon in the yard.
    • Today Magnolia turned three and half years old.  We celebrated with a balloon and cake.  Happy Half Birthday Magpie!
    • Fourth Open House this weekend.   Wish me luck!

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    Happy Birthday my dear little one!

    We had so much celebrating your day.  You woke from your nap to balloons and presents!

    Good thing your big sister was there to help open presents while you kept your eyes on those balloons.

    We love you George!  Happy 1st Birthday!

    Monday, April 12, 2010

    Do I really need any words for this post?
    Happy 1st Birthday George!
    We love you dearly.

    Sunday, April 11, 2010

    I want to say that it flew by but I'd be lying.

    It definitely feels like a year.  In fact it seems like ages ago that George IV entered this world.

    It wasn't easy having a newborn for the first time with a two and half year old.  In fact, it completely knocked me off my feet.  I had no idea.  No idea how hard it would be having two.
    On top of that he was a tricky baby, a collicky one I guess.  Particular.  Where nothing could calm him.  Or what calmed him was downright exhausting.  Bouncing.  Not gentle bouncing. No, very rigerous bouncing,  one where you could break a sweat. 
    Then the teething started at 4 months and didn't stop until the end of his first year.  The kind of teething where each and every tooth coming in required an enormous amount of drugs.
    Don't get me wrong.  I love this child more than anything.  Truly love, love, love him.  Adore him.     Once the fifth month arrived it all got so much better. 
    He started to smile, play, interact, and we had small breaks between all of the new teeth.
    We got into a really good routine and stuck with it.  We learned that he needed serious structure and that he doesn't do well with change.  We revolved our lives around his schedule and it made us all the happier doing so.
    It seems like he has changed in the final month of his first year.  Almost as if he's just a relieved as we are that we made it through the first year.  I think he was really miserable with those teeth.   
    9 months

    He is the apple of our eyes.
    10 months
    He delights us every single day with the little personality we see emerging.
    11 months
    He is gentle, sweet, serious and funny.  Very funny little sense of humor.  And a whole lot of stinker.  
    12 months
    He got 8 teeth in his first year and took his first steps a week before his first birthday.   We made it the whole year without any antibiotics and on his birthday he got an ear infection.  We decided to postpone celebrating  until this weekend when he was feeling better.  

    We had wonderful day, I'll be back soon to post those pictures!

    Friday, April 09, 2010

    Spring was definitely in full swing in St. Louis.  Nani's peach tree was in bloom!
    We had rain one night but woke to a very sunshiny day.  Magnolia declared this as puddle day!  We took a walk and she got to jump in as many as she could find.  It never occured to me that we don't have puddles in more thing to look forward to moving to the city.
    These were taken in the the alley behind Nani's house.   If you look to the right you'll see someone's yard has a forest of bamboo, it's spectacular!
    Much to Magnolia's delight, the magnolia trees were in full bloom.
    What a great walk down Limit's Walk.  Love that pep in her step!
    Next stop was  Elizabeth and Rob's new house.  It's adorable and going to be even cuter when they are done with a massive renovation.
    I'm not sure I've seen a face sweeter than this.  Miss Madeline is a complete and utter doll.  I just loved seeing her!
    Here she is wearing her new sunhat for the first time and hamming it up.
    Meanwhile George takes Nani for a walk through their backyard.
    Okay, one last picture of baby and mama.  They are so cute!
    Spending most of our days in Nani's front yard we learned of a neighborhood easter egg hunt and are urged to come along.  We did and what fun it was!
    Even though George didn't find any eggs, he had a blast.  Perhaps because he could feel the warm air and sunshine on those chunky thighs???
    Well, that and his daddy was giving him a whole lot of loving.  

    ('ll be back soon with the big event that happened this week!)