Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

St. Louis, MO

The Easter Bunny found us in St. Louis!!!
gummy bunnies.

We visited the Judds in the morning.

Then we went out to The Farm.

Beautiful day for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

George's cousin took the young girls down to the stables to ride.

While George and Christopher threw rocks in the dirt.
It was a beautiful day and the kids loved being in the country.  
It was a lovely Easter seeing family we had not seen in a long time.

Spring Break 2014

Bay St. Louis, MS

We really lucked out with such a charmingly southern rental.  It really made the vacation.  It was spacious and comfy with a wide front porch and big yard to play in.  The kids had some kind of game going with all of the gates on the fence.
As soon as we arrived we drove into the tiny little town to eat at The Blind Tiger right on the water.

We drove across the channel to a little town called Pass Christian and played at a park among huge live oaks.

Mother Cluckers had some mighty good chicken and the kids happily repeated the name all day long without having a clue to what they were saying.
We did a lot of playing in the sand.

Making turtle and turtle egg sand sculptures.

It was so too chilly to really use the pool at the house but they did dip in.  Barely.
One really rainy evening we stayed in to cook our dinner.  Nani teaches Magnolia how to make salad dressing.

One day we drove into New Orleans.  Magnolia was thrilled to visit the same school Ruby Bridges went to.
Of course we ate at Cafe Du Monde.

Nani brought the kids kites.  The beach was the perfect place to fly them.

We collected some Spanish Moss that had fallen from this huge tree.
We did A LOT of eating out.  Here's lunch at Buttercup's.
Magnolia was tickled at how many things were named Magnolia.

I love their little feet and little shoes.

Joe's for fried oysters.

Blow Fly Inn
Nani teaches the kids how to make clover necklaces.

We visited the Alice Mosely museum.  She's a nationally recognized folk artist who died in 04.  We bought a print of this painting that she signed before she died.
Around town. Bay St. Louis.

Lots of reading and relaxing with the porch doors opened.
This was a favorite thing to do.
I really love the gas lanterns in the south.  Someday I will have one.
Last night, dinner on the screened porch.
It was such a nice getaway.  The kids played beautifully.  They slept and ate like champs and were first rate travelers.  I love family vacations.