Monday, November 23, 2009

Two little turkeys.
Sometimes I just can't believe that I have two children. I wanted more the minute we got Magnolia and I often wondered how it would happen. We were worried about the long wait to China so we started looking at other countries for adoption. When I got pregnant I never even thought about the end result. I was just trying to survive the pregnancy. When George arrived I was nowhere prepared for having two. I still look at my husband and say, "we have TWO children!" A miracle considering there were many years of wondering if we'd have ONE. So, this year I'm grateful for my two amazing children. I love them more than anything and while there are still empty chairs around our table, I am so grateful for what I have now in this moment. They have brought me more joy in my life and I feel so blessed.

We are heading out of town to be with family!

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy 7 months George! You celebrated with your daddy & Magnolia while I had my first night away from you ever. I missed you a lot but daddy sent me a video of you to show me you were doing great! I think you missed me too. We did a whole lot of cuddling when I got home!
I love your fuzzy hair. I love the fat dimples on your knuckles. I love your baby smell. I love the way you breathe heavily when you're happy & excited. I love the cringed look on your face when you're about to drop something on the floor and you know it's going to make a loud sound. I love the way you scoop your Gerber puffs into your mouth. I love the way you pull your legs into the air and slam them down together at the same time when you're in your crib. I love your smile that awaits me when you wake from your nap. I love all the color you have brought to my life George, you are a very special little boy! xoxo
p.s. I also love how tight your overalls are in these just had a big lunch. :)

Friday, November 06, 2009

We have been home an awful lot lately. This might otherwise drive me a little crazy but it's been nice. Real nice. We have spent the past two weeks getting George on a really good schedule...the first since he arrived! AND he's sleeping through the night! This has made a world of difference for us all. No one is sleep deprived and the routine has brought a good rhythm and comfort we all needed. I have been looking for an antique highchair for a while now. We were all squeezed around our island and I knew it was time we all sat down at the table together especially now since Baby George eats his meals with us. George surprised me one day by saying he was stuck behind a train and looked over and saw this highchair outside an antique store in a small town. He got out and bought it for me! I absolutely love it. It couldn't be a better fit in our house. It's from the forties and has a removable enamel tray! The best part was that he only paid $15! Seriously?! That's a great deal. Geesh, I love my husband. :)
Magnolia and I spend our mornings in the sewing room while George naps. I have been playing around with appliques and then decided to make a fall dress for her. It was so easy, I didn't even use a pattern and I love the way it looks on her with jeans. She was so tired of trying it on for me that I resorted to giving her lollipops every time I asked. We both thought that seemed like a fair deal. She works very hard on moving pins from pin cushion to pin cushion. I also threaded a needle for her and gave her some fabric on an embroidery hoop. She threaded it all through in no time...I think I need to come up something a little more challenging next time. :)
Another part of our routine is a walk in the late afternoon. We try to get out before the sun sets but that's growing closer and closer to 4:30pm! Magnolia has built up quite the stamina on these walks and each time we go a little further. Of course George just goes along for the ride. :)
George bought me a photography reflector for my birthday. While I still have no idea what I'm doing, I love to play around with it.
We have this song stuck in our heads a lot around here. We first heard it on Elizabeth Mitchell's You Are My Little Bird CD. It's the current favorite in our car. Then we heard it again but this time on t.v. If you aren't familiar with the Classical Baby Series, I highly recommend them. I might even love them more than my kids but they really do love to watch these.
Grassy Grass Grass
by Woodie Guthry

Grass grass grass, tree tree tree,
leafy leaf leaf,one two three.
Birdy birdy bird, fly fly fly,
nest nest nest, high high high.
Cloudy cloudy cloud, wind wind wind,
rain rain rain, mud mud mud,
Doggie doggie, dog runy run run,
quickie quick quick, homey home home.
Bedy bed bed, sheety sheet sheet,
sleepy sleep sleep, dreamy dream dream.
Dancie dance dance, singy sing sing,
grow grow grow, biggy big big.

Just thought I'd share what we've been up to. Have a great weekend everyone! I'm heading out for a girls weekend. The first time being away from my kids...ever!