Thursday, June 16, 2011

This is where we'll be for the next week.
Kadima, sunburns, cold drinks, barbeque, sand castles, jumping waves, jellyfish, and lots of laughs.  27 of us including 12 cousins for Magnolia and George to play with.  Can't wait!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Four years ago we got the best call anyone could ever dream of.  "George and Lucy, you have the most beautiful little girl."  I will never forget those words and the feeling of pure joy.  We loved you, Magnolia, before we even knew you.  You are an amazing girl!  We love and cherish you more than you could ever imagine.





Tuesday, June 07, 2011


 The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind!  Magnolia had her last day of school.  I loved her school, I loved her little friends, her teachers, and all of the other moms there.  It was Magnolia's final "Special Person Day" which meant I got to be the helper for the final day.  Here's Magnolia being the Wizard...
and making bubbles which we took along to our End of Year Picnic in the Park...
 and putting the weather on the calendar.  
 We walked the kids to a park nearby right on Lake Michigan, it's beautiful!  At the edge of the park all of the parents were instructed to wait for their kids to cheer them on.  It was such a cute sight!
 As their final art project, the kids colored sun hats to wear to the park.
Here's Magnolia with her classmates!
 I didn't even stay for the picnic part, I handed off the kids to George and I raced home to pack up the car for our trip to St. Louis.  While we were in town we decided to take the kids to a Cardinal game.  It was HOT HOT HOT but so much fun!

 Afterwards we took them to Ted Drewe's for a frozen custard.
 The day after we arrived back home we drove south again to Chicago to pick out our countertop.
The day after that we packed up the car once more and headed up to the island.  It was our first time back on the island since the fall and it was wonderful to be back.  Nani came back with us from St. Louis to join us on this trip.  Here she is with George waiting for the ferry.
 Meanwhile Magnolia watched for the ferry from inside the Visitor Center.
 I love how he looks at her.  
  A lot of work was waiting for us when we got there.  George took care of the yard.
 Funny how there are certain photographs that I just love.  Love so much I look at them for a long time trying to figure out why I love them so much.  This is one of them.  George was playing "Bear" with the kids, chasing and scaring them before we piled into the car for a drive.  I just love all of the shades of green, the motion, George's expression, and the sudden bit of yellow in Georgie's boots.  It just makes me smile.
 Magnolia shows me her fairy garden she built with Nani.  What you don't see is the other fairy garden on the other side of those trees which Magnolia explains is perfect because the fairies can just fly through the two trees for play dates.  :)
It was so nice to be back!!!