Friday, January 07, 2011

Farewell 2010

We had fun enjoying things around town as a family the week after Christmas.  Big George finally got to see the Nature Center that we joined.  It was a pretty mild day so we decided to hike down to the lake.  I was in heaven taking photographs with the abundance of natural light.  Magnolia, ever obsessed with reindeer, was convinced that she found reindeer antlers.  She begged to take it home but we decided to put in a special place so we could find it the next time we visit.  Phew.

With such unseasonably warm weather we decided to head to the zoo the following day.  This is where Magnolia revealed to us that she could skip.  This was so exciting that before we knew it, we were all skipping through the zoo.  
Afterwards we hunted down an old Italian restaurant in town.  It was worth the hunting.  The kiddos loved the homemade soup and pizza.  
We did our annual trip to Chicago the day after Christmas.  It was cold and big George was sick so we didn't venture out much.  Well, I did when they were all napping.  So for me, it was super fun!
The kids loved seeing their cousins, Musa & Isa, who also joined us there.  Here they are dancing in the lobby while we all gathered and visited.
The favorite part was the swimming.  We have two little fish!  These two spent most of their time in the water.
After checking out we decided to get some lunch at Ed Debevic's.  Oh how I loved this place when I was young.  It was fun to go back. 
It was a great final week of the year!!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas was wonderful!  There is nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child and living in their excitement!  
We celebrated Christmas Eve at my parents house.  Magnolia arrives and inspects the presents to see which ones have her name of them.
George takes a long time to open gifts but eventually catches on and really likes to do it himself.
Nana makes the fabulous seafood casserole we grew up on every single Christmas Eve.  Just like my sister said, "it just smells like Christmas Eve."  
Santa leaves stockings on the foot of the bed.  We open them and have a small breakfast in our bed.
George gets a bulldozer fork and spoon.  Perfect to dig into the marscapone!
Santa brings Magnolia a rocking horse.  The ONE and only thing she asked for.  Pure joy on her face when she sees it!
George gets his own rocking horse too and some dogs which now hang out in his bedroom.  We like to put socks and shoes on them.
George puts his dog in Magnolia's horse barn.  I think it's funny too George!
It's all about horses with Magnolia this year. ..she loved her horse barn and the family of horses that came with it.
George really loves Magnolia's rocking horse too.
He figures out how to "ride" it with her.
Christmas day was spent eating and playing with new toys.

We took a long walk, opened the rest of the presents in front of the fire and had a cozy dinner.
Hope yours was merry and bright too!