Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Frolic at Magnolia's school!
 Magnolia loved seeing her friends there.
 Harvest Moon.  We went to the lake, it was a beautiful evening.  We were too late and didn't see the moon come up on the horizon.  It was still beautiful.  Magnolia brought along her friend and neighbor.  We ate pumpkin whoopie pies on a big blanket and then drove home.
 Homecoming!  It was such a cold night....we were seriously bundled!
 We walked to see the parade.  We saw Magnolia's kindergarten teacher along the way which was hugely exciting for Magnolia!
 It's starting!
We intended to take the kids to the game but thought maybe next year...
 Then we had cousins visit!
 I love these photographs...

 And then, it was George's 3 1/2 Birthday!  We celebrate half birthdays around here with lunch out and a cake of their choice.  Instead of lunch out, we had breakfast out.  George requested chocolate brownies with chocolate chips inside, and chocolate frosting.  I let him put the sprinkles on which amounted to about an inch thick worth of sprinkles.  It was some cake, Georgie!

 George and I went on a pumpkin field trip with his class.  He got to jump in hay, go on a hay ride, and pick out his own pumpkin.  I love the pumpkin he chose!  :)
 Magnolia and George have a doggy penpal.  I kid you not.  Nani's friend's dog Molly who Nani gets to watch from time to time and over the years our kids have gotten to know and love writes letters to George and Magnolia.  They, in return, send Molly drawings and letters too.  It's been going on for almost a year now and it pretty darn cute.  Here's the latest letter from Molly Dog.
 And these are the drawings George did in return.  And yes, I do mail them!
 That's what has been happening around here!

We have an exciting birthday party coming up this weekend with a VERY special guest! I'm praying for nice weather and smooth sailing through it all!