Monday, July 27, 2009

We just spent the weekend in St. Louis gathering with all of Magnolia's China sisters. It was a wonderful reunion. All of the girls have a special place in my heart and it just warmed me to see them all again. We can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wow! This has been the busiest summer ever! Nani came to visit last week and is staying until we head down to St. Louis with her this weekend. We made it up to the island for the weekend. It wasn't enough time, we really didn't want to come home! My pictures are in random order as I can't seem to make sense of anything these days. :)

Here's Nani with George on the island After bath all ready for bed, sitting on the Adirondacks watching the sun set, wrapped in my wrap. Same here, all ready for bed but she just needed one last walk down to the water. Putting flip flops on over socks just didn't seem to be a problem. Quiet time with Nani turning over rocks. Wrestling on the hammock Newest fascination, hands! Magnolia & George with their Nani Magnolia's second year of painting lessons from Nani. This year things got wild with painted party shoes and pink polka dots on the legs. Last year she was completely naked for her lesson. This year at least we got a t shirt on. Sandbox has been a favorite this summer. She will stay in there for an hour! This is George the day he turned 3 months. I had to include it because I loved this outfit my aunt got for him and he outgrew it so fast. :( I just love his sweet cheeks! These two LOVE each other! Blowing bubbles Our summer is about to get even busier. I'll be back next week!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

George is 3 months old today! Boy do I love to see him grow! The one thing I can say for sure about his personality is that he's feisty. He's feisty to hold, feisty to feed, and he has a serious set of lungs. He's starting to chuckle and making a lot more sounds. He's holding his head up a lot more and getting stronger by the minute. He's also discovered his hands and you can see he has learned how to bring them together. Believe it or not, he's teething already. I've read it can start as early as now and be one long drawn out process before the tooth actually appears!

Of course he hardly looks feisty in these pictures, just sweet as pie. :)

We had a great 4th of July! All of Magnolia & George's St. Louis cousins came up to the island and they all had a great time together. We celebrated Musa & Isa's birthdays by having a treasure hunt, dancing, and eating lots of rice crispy treats. We made a trip over to Rock Island and hiked to one of the most beautiful sand beaches around. We took turns cooking dinner, we played hot potato with the beach ball, we swung in hammocks, we lounged on the big raft, we flew kites, we played t-ball, we went to story hour, and we opened our "snack shack" for ice cream almost every night. It was a perfect summer weekend!

Snack Shack

Charlie working on a puzzle

Limbo on the deck
Beach ball hot potato
Magnolia's favorite game: Up & Down Really Fast!
Musa flying a kite
Shariq & Isa