Saturday, March 02, 2013

Welcome March!

My camera is still broken.  I am so bummed.  We are coming up on vacation and a little someone's 4th birthday.  I'm running out of time to convince George how much I need to get it replaced.  It's not going to be worth getting it fixed.  Anyway.  It's just one of those decisions that's easier to set aside than think about.  It's not a necessity but I sure do miss it.

In other news I put up Easter decorations.  It's early I know but we'll be on vacation so I wanted to have them up long enough for me to get sick of them by the time Easter arrives.  Besides, they really cheer up the house on the inside while we are buried in snow on the outside.

We had a trip to St. Louis a few weeks ago.  It was a perfect weekend getaway.  We did old time favorites like a trip to the Magic House and Botanical Gardens and of course, ate Imo's pizza twice.  I went to the fanciest consignment store I've ever been too and splurged on Kaycee Hughes dress for Magnolia.  I think she'll wear it to a tea party she has coming up soon.  :)

(Magnolia and I making our hair stick up at The Magic House)

George's room is finished for now.  I got halfway through it then got hung up on the dresser color, lamps, and bookshelves.  Thank goodness for George who came in and finished it for me.  I knew the minute I bought new lamps I would find even more perfect ones at Goodwill so I decided that there is no rush.  The paint color on the dresser will do for now and I cut up an old duvet to cover the back of the bookshelves.  George filled the shelves and in the end, it looks great.  

 The rug was a great buy and it's so soft and plush.
 Did you notice how long George's hair was getting?  Well, apparently George did.  As I was talking to the school nurse at Magnolia's school who was preparing me for a very swollen face I would see at pick up due to a collision on the playground, George decided to cut his hair.  When I rushed him out the door to go get Magnolia I asked him what animal he was around because he was covered in hair!  Then I looked up and saw it.  I had to turn and walk away so he wouldn't see me smile.  That stinker!  That little face looking at me with bangs cut like Dumb & Dumber.  I was so happy.  So happy it happened.  It's every parent's rite of passage and I'm so glad it was my son and not my daughter.  I didn't make a big deal about it.  I just told him we don't cut our hair and don't do it again.  He nodded his little head and that was the end of it.  Man, I love that little stinker.  Magnolia was fine and by the time I got to her school (the nurse urged me to get her as soon as possible) the swelling had gone down and she didn't even want to leave early!  The school nurse was seriously frazzled by Magnolia's hysteria,  calling her a very fragile little girl.  Well, she is seriously afraid of blood and if there is none I tell her immediately (even bought a red washcloth to disguise when she has bloody noses) and if she does see it, we just put her on our lap and turn on cartoons.  Poor thing, I'm sure she was hysterical for a long while in that clinic so I can see why that nurse was so frazzled!
(George's "haircut")

So happy it's March, we have a busy month getting ready for vacation, Easter, and Georgie's birthday!

I hope the next time I post, I will have a knew camera (hint, hint George)