Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 We had a wonderful weekend on the island.  See more here.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Perfect morning at home.  Inspecting baskets.  Eating breakfast together.

An Easter Egg Hunt in our very own backyard for the first time!

Then off to Nana and Papa's for the Grand Easter Egg Hunt and fabulous lunch!

Both George and Magnolia found the coveted Golden Eggs this year!
These eggs are filled with money!  

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 13, 2012


 We started off George's Birthday with breakfast with Benjamin Bunny and Jemima Puddle Duck at Milwaukee's downtown Watts Tea House.  George, who is normally incredibly shy, surprised us with his excitement.  As we finished our breakfast, in walked Jemima herself.  Benjamin followed.
 Here they come!
 George starts to climb off his chair.  I'm thinking he's going to crawl onto to my lap.  Nope, he wants a closer look.  He walks right up and says hello, like they are all long lost friends.
 We got to hear the story of Benjamin Bunny,
have cookies and stickers,
 and get our picture taken with Benjamin Bunny and Jemima Puddle Duck.
It was a perfect start to the day!
 Before we left in the morning we let George open one present.
He was kind of disappointed it wasn't a sword.
 George asked for a "Wee-Ew" birthday.  A firetruck birthday.  His favorite colors are red and blue.  So, firetrucks, red, and blue it was!
We get 10 helium balloons from our local toy store for the kids' birthdays.  They are always favorites.
 Magnolia waits patiently for her cousins to arrive.
 Uh-oh.  Guests are arriving and the shyness kicks in.
 Not only do we get my sister Mary's family, we got to have my sister Emily's girls come too!
Here are Ellie and Willa with their Uncle George.
 Georgie starts to warm up again.
 The presents helped with that.

 His first baseball mitt and glove from mommy and daddy!
 Papa tells George that his gift is behind the tree.  George runs to find it!
 His first fishing rod!  He's been waiting a long time to go fishing with Papa. 

 Soon these two will go!  George is very excited.
 George wanted a "wee-ew" cake.  We talked about his cake for a long time.  He wanted to help me make it.  I had no idea how to make a "wee-ew" cake but we did it fairly easily.  Cookies for the wheels, mike and ikes for the lights, and some cut up paper straws for the ladder (George's idea!).  I'm so glad my kids are okay with "imperfect" cakes!
 The kids played all day together.  Seven girls and one little boy!
 We picked up fried chicken to go with cold salads.  
 Fun and easy.
 This was a big day for this big boy.  He was beyond tired! 
 It was so nice to share his birthday with family.
 Time to cut the cake! 
 Happy Birthday to you,  Happy Birthday to you!
 Happy Birthday dear Georgie, Happy Birthday to you!

 We love you George!

a few notes:
* I did get around to making George's Easter outfit (the grey with the carrot).  He only wore it once for the breakfast.  Thought he looked mighty cute in it.
* The day before we were at Nana and Papa's and George fell on their driveway hence the big goose egg on his forehead.  
*A few days before his birthday we were driving around town.  There was a very old hunched over man with a long grey beard walking alongside the road.  George yelled from the backseat, "There's Mr. McGregor!"  We've been reading a lot of Beatrix Potter and George is mesmerized and very frightened by Mr. McGregor... clearly missing the moral of the story.  :)