Sunday, August 31, 2014

Final Days of Summer 2014

 Dinner outside at Thai-namite

 He still looks sick here with Lymes.

 Swing Park!

 Bridge over the Milwaukee River

 Day trip into Chicago. We parked our car in Lake Forest and took the train in.

 First stop was Eataly!

 Millenium Park.

 Our reflection in The Bean.

 Swimming at Nana & Papa's pool.
 Looking for frogs?
 ALS Ice Bucket challenge
 Whitefish Bay Sounds of Summer

George gets to see best friend, Thomas, after a long time apart.

 And we see cousins who just moved here!!!

 Getting caricatures done.
 More swimming 

 Our last night of summer break. George goes in to all day Kindergarten and Magnolia goes into second grade. I'm trying to savor them both as much as possible as they are growing up way too fast.