Wednesday, December 04, 2013

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon (before the 31st) and George made it home just in time to take the kids out like he always does.  Magnolia wanted to be a ninja starting as early as the summer.  Luckily I found this costume at a garage sale for $5.  George remained undecided regardless of my Oct. 1 deadline.  So undecided in fact, we came up with the clown costume 15 minutes prior to trick or treating.  He was all smiles for the annual front yard photos but the second he realized he was going to have to walk door to door, he made me wash all of the make-up off and put on his regular clothes.  He still walked along with Magnolia while she collected candy.  He got some sympathy candy here and there and seemed perfectly content with that.  He never has and probably never will like to draw any sort of attention.  Here they are sifting through the loot.
The village does a fabulous pumpkin festival every year.  We always go but not this year.  The kids were sick, sick, sick.  Especially Magnolia with a fever that lasted 5 days.  The only reason I snapped these pics is because the festival is right across from the library and we were stopping in the library to load up on movies.

Everyone was better just in time for trick or treating!

Magnolia lost her first tooth on the eve of her 7th birthday!  It was my birthday and we were shopping at the Florence Eiseman Factory Sale when she suddenly started crying because her mouth was bleeding.  I had a lot of experienced moms and workers come to my aid and mouthed "you've got to pull it" to me.  I gently did and she never even felt it.  She was so proud!  That little tooth is the very tooth I discovered when we first got her in China.  I pushed open her mouth to see what was in there and those two little bottom teeth were the only ones that were poking through.  Funny thing is that one of her adult teeth on bottom started coming up even before she lost a tooth!