Monday, August 31, 2009

Today we had George's 4 month well check. He's 17.4lbs. and 25.75." He's doing great! He had vaccinations and Magnolia had her flu shot. Always relieved to have those over with! Here they are with their sore legs resting on a quilt in our backyard.
He's such a chuckler!
Typical day around the house. Floor is covered with toys by day's end.
Poor George!
This smiling while on his tummy is always very short lived. He hates tummy time.
Trying out his new swing we hung in the kitchen. I think Magnolia loves it more.
They both love this. Magnolia loves washing him and well, he simply adores her.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone. I get to spend it with both of my sisters and their families, can't wait!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm finally posting a few of my favorite pictures of my family's reunion. It was such a fun, fun week. We really had a blast. Our family of 8 has grown into a family of 27! My brother had t-shirts made with our name and the number we entered the family on the back. Even George IV had one as number 26 with Margaret following him as number 27! It took place at my grandparent's cottage on a small lake in Michigan. It was a place that we all loved as children as we spent many summers there. Since my grandfather's passing last summer it only seemed fitting that we all go back. It was such a walk down memory lane for all of us. I even saw a friend that I had there so many years ago. We also went to an ice cream shop that has been in town since I was born. In fact it was the very place that my grandparents knew I arrived. They were fishing at their cabin (without a phone) and awaiting word on my arrival. The only way my parents could get word to them was by announcing my arrival in the shop window knowing they would drive by and see it! I took 200 photographs and put them in this slideshow. It's 9 minutes long and pretty boring if you're not in my family but I'm posting it for them. I'll be back soon with more pics from happenings around here. Hope you are enjoying these final days of summer!

Love this family photo because Magnolia loved the dirt and sand and it seemed her face looked like this all week. :)
Impossible to keep Magnolia clothed lately so we compromised going "French" style on the beach. :)

George turned a corner that week. We changed his formula and I think with all the sitting up he's doing, his acid reflux improved which in turn dramatically improved his mood. I think he also loved all the cuddling and attention he was getting. He's such a peach. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It was so rejuvenating to be back on the island!
We ate at our favorite place, The Washington Hotel. It it so nice to have dinner on their big front porch and let Magnolia run around on the big lawn while we wait for our food. She and I shared homemade fettuccine made from wheat grown on the island and locally grown grilled vegetables. For dessert, homemade vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and toasted almonds.
Oh my!
Here she is arriving in style for dinner.

Playing on the big lawn. Mommy & Magnolia at School House Beach. Flying a kite on Sand Dunes Beach. George and George waiting for me to shop for yarn at Sievers School of Fiber Arts. 4 days and counting...we are heading up again. :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

George turned 4 months while we were in Michigan! He's doing great. He's strong, he's feisty, and when he's hungry, he's hungry. He's starting to chuckle and squeal in delight. He also has a pretty pouty mouth when he's unhappy (see pics below). He's not rolling over yet but trying. He loves to sit up and stand up. He's enamored with Magnolia. He loves his blankies or burp cloths, anything he can clutch and rub on his face. He continues to teeth and drool, drool, drool. He knows his mama and dada and we just adore him. I must admit though, having two has been a great deal more stressful and I don't think he's the easiest baby. I continue to try to find balance and hopefully we'll settle down with the travel and find a new groove to settle into. For now we've been home 5 days and we're heading up north for the weekend. Summer's almost over and we are trying to get the most out of it. I have 200 photographs of our family reunion in Michigan. I am going to try and put them in a slide show for all my family members who are waiting to see them...check back soon!

Here's George & Margaret. Margaret is my sister's baby, born just 8 weeks after George! So sad!

I just love that face!
Magnolia & George hanging out on our bed.
They really do love each other

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We celebrated our 2nd Gotcha Day/Family Day in Michigan. Magnolia received a beautiful knit doll dressed in traditional Chinese clothing and wearing a dress we bought in China. She's holding her new doll in this picture but she has wrapped it up with George's baby blanket. I took this picture early in the morning before heading over to see my family for the day. I can't believe it's been two years since that day Magnolia was placed in my arms. It was the most magical day imaginable. Last year on this date was the day I found out I was pregnant so it really is our Family Day! We had a wonderful time in Michigan for my family's reunion. I'm way behind on everything. I hope to get caught up this weekend with posting and catching up on my favorite blogs. I'll be back soon!