Friday, February 28, 2014

Catching Up

It was a CRAZY fall.  I don't think I've ever been that busy.  So busy that I've decided to switch gears and change the way I'm spending my time.  As a result I neglected this blog but on the upside I'm rededicating myself to it.  Our computer crashed after Christmas and I lost all of the photos I took this fall.  This was a huge loss to me until I remembered that I had them on the blog and I was reminded how important this blog is.  A true journal for our family and one that can't be lost.  (Let's hope).
My niece snapped this recently.  I had my camera on manual so she didn't know to adjust the exposure but I actually like how washed out it looks with the pops of red.  :)
Magnolia and I baked her cake together.  It's the second time we've made this simple vanilla cake for her birthday cake and both times she has loved it.
Her birthday was a gorgeous fall day.  We jumped in the leaves over and over again.

Waiting for daddy, dinner, and presents!

It was an American Girl birthday which made us "the best parents ever!"

To celebrate with friends Magnolia invited all of the girls in her class and cousins to a Pancake and Pajama Party.  At 9am all of the girls arrived in their pajamas.  They gobbled up pancakes, sausage, bacon, and fruit.  

We strung fruit loops to make necklaces.  We played A LOT of fun games including the pass the present.  I wrapped a box 14 times (the number of girls at the party).  They sat in a circle and as the music played they passed the box.  When the music stopped the girl holding the box got to open ONE layer of wrapping paper only to be disappointed to see yet another layer of wrapping paper.  They had no idea how many times the gift was wrapped so each time a girl had a chance to open the box, they thought they could be the one to finally see what was inside the box.  After a few times around the excitement started to build and room became electric with excitement and anticipation.  When the box was finally opened, there were eye masks inside for all of the girls that I made and monogrammed.  The girls went home with those and a "rice" krispie made with Trix cereal in a cellophane bag and big bow.  

What a party!  The girls had a blast!

We made a long weekend trip to St. Louis in October to go to a shower for George's cousin.  We made a trip out to Grants Farm with cousins.  It was a fun outing on a gorgeous day.  I hadn't been since I was a little girl.  Feeding the goats now was as fun as it was then.

Cousin time

Swimming, yes, swimming in October!  The Judd's house is pretty sweet with a heated pool.