Friday, December 29, 2006

Video of Karen Foss STL KSDK 5

Does anyone remember the news anchor Karen Foss from St. Louis KSDK Channel 5? She's retiring and as her farewell show, they aired the story she did on her daughter's adoption in China. Here's the link to see the video, it's fun to watch.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas in the country

We had a wonderful Christmas weekend at the cabin. Thanks Mom and Dad!!!
Here are some photos from Christmas Eve Day.
We all decided to go up to the ridge to see if Santa would be feeding the "reindeer" like he has in years past. Sure enough, there he was. It was very exciting!!!
As the oven went on early to cook the prime rib roast so did the smoke detector...for almost 2 hours!!! To get out of the house we decided to do a photo shoot with the girls. It was a gorgeous day but very cold. I don't remember when their coats and hats came off but I think all the modeling must have made them hot. ;)

There were 10 adults, 4 kids, 5 dogs, 3 cats, and a partridge in a pear tree in the house.
One-Eyed Willie sought refuge outside in the sun.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New CCAA Regulations Hits the Press and Twins?!

In the adoption world we've been hearing about new guidelines the CCAA will be imposing on those seeking to adopt from China. Today it finally hit the press. Here's a link to the article written in the Wall Street Journal.
Thank goodness none of the new guidelines will affect our adoption or any future adoptions in China. With the wait as long as it's been, we're just not sure if our second adoption will be in China.

Our paperwork has started to expire with this excruciatingly long wait and as I've begun to refile I noticed that we requested 2 children! What?! How could I have forgotten something as huge as that?! I guess I just didn't let myself think we'd ever be that lucky. Talking to our social worker recently, I mentioned this and she said we are prime targets for being matched with twins! This got us so excited but once again, it's rare and most likely won't happen. We will feel so lucky with one!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Matching Room

Our dossier was reviewed and approved months ago in Department 1 and now it is sitting in Department 2, the Matching Room (see photos above). This is where our folder will be opened up and matched with a's where all the magic happens. I have heard that they try to look for similarities between parents and babies. Are they musical, have a goofy sense of humor, more serious, share a birthday, or look alike! How is that possible?
Looking at photos of George and me, I can't imagine!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Our girls

Two years ago on December 9th our beautiful little girls were born to us. They were so perfect in every way. It always brings me such sadness to know they had to die for me. It's a hard burden to bear but I think they are teaching us so much and they are always with us. We have made it a tradition to put up our Christmas tree on the 9th and decorate it with all of our angel ornaments. We put the rest of the ornaments up on Christmas Eve. This year we were up at the lakehouse and celebrated with a walk to a quiet chapel and later with some champagne. We did our tree a few days later. It's beautiful and very moving to see a tree full of "triplet" angels. :)

We can't imagine our lives without Joy, Madeline, & Anne . For that we are forever grateful.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Tis the Season

Still no computer...Thanksgiving came and went...November referrals arrived...and Christmas is just around the corner. The CCAA matched up until last September 8th which seems great to us because since we're last Nov. 2nd, we are getting so much closer!!! We spent a week on the island over Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time. We put in our kitchen and did a bunch of other little projects. We also cleared away a good part of the "forest." We're having the house closed down this week for the rest of the winter. I don't think it will keep us from going up there though...we will just have to rough it with no toilet or running water. As soon as we get enough snow, we'll bring up our xcountry skis...can't wait for that! Our house is decorated for Christmas and is looking great, we're going to cut down our tree this weekend.
More later...hopefully our computer will return actually fixed this time, three times a charm, right? I'll also post an update on the next referral matches which should take place around Christmas.