Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I never enter sweepstakes. Really, I don't. I think the last time I entered a contest to win something I was 10. My parents took us all to country fair where I entered my to name to win a handmade quilt. Imagine my surprise when I got the call that I was the winner! My parents drove me back out to the country to claim my prize. For a long time they considered me lucky. As one of six, they would single me out when luck was needed. I remember pulling into gas stations so I could go in and pick the numbers on a lottery ticket. Like I said, I never won anything since so my luck status wained and eventually was forgotten. Then one morning last week I got an email from one of my favorite places to shop for my kids, Olive Juice. It said it was the last day to enter their summer sweepstakes. All I had to do was enter photographs showing where Olive Juice took us this summer. I happened to have a few photographs of Magnolia wearing her white pique ruffled dress from Olive Juice. I settled into my computer at nap time and submitted my entry. One week later, I got the call that I won! I really didn't believe her and have remained in shock until today when they posted it on their website. Go ahead, take a look! It's true! I won, I won, I won! Did I mention the prize is a $1000.00 gift card. My oh my, what fun! Thank you Olive Juice!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Magnolia June, this is your day!
You've done K-3 now it's time to do K-4!
You are going to love it, I just know you will! 
I'll miss you every day but you'll be having so much fun!
Mrs. Schaefer is your teacher and she's really, really nice.
I know you feel nervous but we know it takes time to get used to anything new.
You know your numbers.  You can count to 100.
You can add and subtract!
You know your colors like indigo and violet.
 You can read some words like "go, zoo, dog, and stop."
 You are a smart little girl with a voracious appetite to learn!  
It will be so much fun to see how much more you learn in K-4!  
 It's a big year for you as you will start many more new things like violin, soccer, ballet, and Chinese school.  You are a big girl at a big school now!
 I am SO proud of you, Magpie!
Here's to great school year!!!