Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The kiddos and I headed over to Nana and Papa's cabin for Wild West Days.  Their cabin is very remote on a lot of land.  Nearby is a level 5 trout stream for my fisherman dad which is very exciting for my fisherman son.  Here they are in my dad's writing cabin gearing up to fish.  Apparently they never made it to the stream because walking through the tall grasses Georgie fell and scraped his side.  They headed back home and Georgie told me he was trying to be brave and not cry, he just needed a hug from his mama.  Ah, I'll take it.  Before long he won't need these hugs...

On Friday night the town had a horse parade to kick off Wild West Days.  Well, I have to say that this was one of the best parade's I've ever seen.  I think Magnolia would agree.  So many beautiful horses.

I loved seeing this rider, she's probably around Magnolia's age.
And this little one on her pony.  She stood up in her stirrups and held her arms out like she was an airplane showing off her balancing skills.  I got a kick out of that.
This little foal got to walk alongside her mother as the rider in pink occasionally nudged her back in line if she strayed too far.  Very sweet indeed.
There were a lot of draft horses all decked out.
After the parade we headed over to see the rodeo. Kids got to see a bison for the first time.
Magnolia's horse loving/riding Aunt Emily took her around to any horse they could find.  This horse had a big day.  It was in a wedding and the parade among other activities that day.
Magnolia is not shy about getting close and petting them.

This alpaca made me smile.
Georgie and his sidekick, Papa, watching the rodeo.
Cowboys on duty to corral the bulls.
Lots of bull riding, exciting and scary!  We saw a few bull riders get a little trampled.
She's such a cowgirl.
After the bull riding we saw Mutton Bustin in which very little kids are placed bareback on sheep and get shot through the gates getting judged on how long they can stay on.  This was disturbingly funny, I had very mixed emotions but I have to think these kids have grown up with sheep and have done this a million times for fun.  Oh my.
It got darker so I didn't take any pics but the final thing we saw at the rodeo and the most exciting thing was Barrel Racing!  Young women speed around barrels without letting their horses touch the barrels.  Fastest one wins the race.  I'm sure this isn't new to most people but for a city girl, I found this to be very exciting.  These girls were amazing and so, so fast!  I love that Magnolia got to see this.  She and her Aunt Emily went and talked to one of the riders who was barely a teenager and her horse was blind, yes blind!  She said there's a lot of trust between them and she's the only rider the horse will ever let ride her.  We screamed and cheered for them but they didn't win.
Getting ready for all of the Wild West Day activities on Saturday.  Inside Nana and Papa's beautiful cabin hand built by the Amish.  They have it on the market but they are secretly hoping it doesn't sell.

I explained to the kids beforehand that we would see a lot of Amish people and as if on cue, an Amish man rode into my parent's driveway with fresh baked goods in the back of the wagon.  My dad bought a peach pie and cookies.  I bought a big jar of maple syrup.

Dressed and ready for Wild West Days!
I was loving the farmland as we drove to town.  At the top of this ridge we stopped to get out and take some pictures.  

Good thing my mom prepped me that there would be re-enactments because as soon as we arrived guns were being shot and a man thrown off the balcony.  The shooter then came down and shot him again claiming that no one better ever mess with his woman again.  Whew, that was exciting.

They have a whole town set up like the wild west.  This woman was getting thrown in jail.
Lots of little cowboys running around everywhere with cap guns and bows and arrows.
Pony rides for $1.  I'm not kidding.  

After this we went as saw some hog wrestling which was very amusing but we didn't last long in the hot sun.  We drove to my sister, Emily's, town and saw her new house.  She had a bbq for us  which ended our day perfectly.  I don't think my kids will ever forget that trip!  Thanks mom and dad!

Monday, August 19, 2013

We were lucky enough to spend more than two weeks on the island this summer.
Nani was there for an entire month with Musa, our 12 year old nephew.  We joined them halfway through.
Georgie learns how to work a slingshot.
The weather was perfectly hot.  It was so fun to swim!

Musa took Georgie fishing.

A "Georgie Sandwich" made by daddy.  
The Art and Nature Center had its Ice Cream Social.

These two loved to wrestle.
Cleaning fish.

Our chipmunk "chippie" loved all the bits of fruit left out for him.
Crawfish hunting.

Crawfish racing.
Lots of swimming at School House Beach.

The Chicago Judys arrive!

Finding out what's at the end of the string!
Moose for the boys and mood rings for the girls!
Roasting marshmallows.

Sand Dunes Beach.

Mountain Tower.

Flying kites.

Exploring our shores.

It was a perfect summer getaway.  We did a whole lot of swimming, kayaking, canoeing, kite flying, walking, biking, fishing, exploring, hammock swinging, grilling, roasting, drinking, sleeping, eating, reading, and playing.  It was hard to say goodbye.  We hope to be back up in the fall!