Friday, October 14, 2011

I thought I would share our dining room before and after since I still haven't photographed our kitchen.  Our dining room was super fun to do.  Mostly because it was easy.  The light fixture was dated, the windows had mini blinds and the color on the walls was actually worse than it looks in the pictures.  (The photos below are how the previous owners had it).  We painted the walls Benjamin Moore Soft White.  Since we had no dining furniture from our previous house and had a tight budget in this room, we had to really cut some corners.  The table was from a consignment shop.  Mid Century, made in Sweden, and solid teak.  Sold for $100!  I can't remember where I got the light fixture but I did find coordinating curtain rods at Target online.  I made the drapes using Robert Dwell fabric.  Huge savings making them myself.  To gain some symmetry in this room I found this matching pair of buffets.  I can't tell if these are mid-century or later?  At $60 each, they were a steal and they store so much!  We bought 4 of our chairs from West Elm.  They are wonderfully kid friendly, keep the kiddos tucked in and they are a cinch to wipe down.  We bought the end chairs at Ikea and threw some Annie Selke pillows on them.   We were about to get rid of this bookshelf we bought when we were first married but had the idea to use it as a china cabinet.  George sprayed it green and it is so completely functional, I don't know how I ever lived without it.  We have some fancy stuff on there (mostly from thrift stores and some handed down over many generations...) and we use it!  The kids get a kick out of drinking from gold rimmed glasses and china plates...and we do it often.  I figure life is too short not to.   The baskets hold lots of vintage tablecloths in case you thought it was our dirty laundry.  :)

The door leading into the kitchen used to be off centered with a swinging door.  As a result of our remodel, the door is now centered, wider and has no doors.  It really opens the rooms up without actually joining them.  So, there you have it.  Hope you enjoyed my "before and after!"  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

For the past month we've been in full swing of the fall season forcing September to slip by way too fast! At the beginning of the month we had visitors.  George's sister and daughter Madeline and Nani.
Brother, sister and cousins George and Madeline on the beach.

After our company left we joined George on a business trip to St. Louis where we celebrated his birthday with his family.

Splashing in puddles in Nani's alley.

Doing art projects with Nani.

Welcoming daddy back from his meetings and crowing him with a birthday crown.
Upon arriving home, I forced myself into getting my living room put together. George painted the walls, beefed up some Ikea bookcases with trim and crown and painted the back of them. I bought some fabric while in STL to sew some pillows.
We sprayed the lamp shade on this vintage lamp.  I LOVE how it looks, I just wish I could get it straight!  My framed "art"  is fabric from a Lilly Pulitzer skirt I found at Goodwill.  I framed another one on the other side of the wall to make a pair.  Talk about decorating on a shoestring!
Our kitchen got it's backsplash and crown moulding. The painter will need to come back for final touch ups and vent covers need to go on. Otherwise it's done. I still need to sew the cushion for the bench in the mudroom.   I hope to be inspired soon to take the photographs!
The first 2 weeks Magnolia cried everyday I took her to school. It broke my heart to see her standing in line, arms hanging at her side crying, head low and walking into the massive front doors of a very large and looming school. I dreaded every morning.  She kept insisiting that she was just nervous, that's all. Ah, I remember the feeling. We told her that would soon pass as she made her new friends. Finally one day, she stopped crying and is loving every bit of school!

In other news Magnolia finished up her soccer class. It was so fun to ride my bike pulling them in the burley with a big wool blanket to sit on and watch her play, make new friends and see old friends. Our Friday movie and pizza night is back in full swing. The kids can roll out their own dough like none other, spread pesto, and sprinkle cheese.  We all love this fun family tradition. Movies were put on the back burner for a while but now George will sit through them.  Fun! Fun! Fun!
George and I have been having wonderful mornings together, just the two of us. He was a little lost without Magnolia at first but this will be a good chance not only for the two of us but also how to learn to play without her. We take a library class one morning that he really doesn't like. He is so painfully shy, he won't leave my lap, participate in any songs, or even let me! I don't force anything. He just sits on my lap and I let him. He wants me to call him "Big George" not "Little George." Daddy is now "Bigger George." Oh this big guy rules my roost.  :)
 Oh happy October! Now that you've arrived I have so many things I can get started on. Halloween costumes, outside fall decorations, a half birthday, and a special someone's 5th Birthday!!!
Happy Fall!!!