Saturday, November 09, 2013

Georgie turned four and a half in October!  We always matter how big or how small.
A gingerbread cake it was!

We love you, Georgie!!!

George had a deal through work which allowed us to visit the Shedd and all the attractions for free.  We couldn't pass up the savings so we headed into the big city one Saturday afternoon.  We checked into a hotel in the burbs, did some shopping but otherwise lounged, swam in the hotel pool and ate dinner at the hotel restaurant.  The next morning we drove into the city and spent a good part of the day at the Shedd.  We then took a whirl through American Girl and the Lego store.  It was a perfect little getaway...the kids were so sad to go home.  We had a great time.
Georgie loved this fish.
Getting our tickets.
Petting the sturgeon and seeing all of the species that live in our lake.
Watching the show.
Fun visit!
The hotel restaurant was a dark steak house.  The kids loved the big wingback chairs, dim light, and crab mac and cheese.  We ate burgers and had a beer.  It was super relaxing.  The kids were so good.
The two Georges went swimming.  Magnolia and I stayed in for some girl time.  (She sat at the desk and wrote 1-100 in chinese characters...I had no idea she could do that!)

I got to go on the apple picking field trip with George's class.  What fun it was!!!